Planning Board

Planning Board

Planning Board

Meeting Location: Meeting Date: Thu, Jun 14 2018 at 06:30pm

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May 24, 2018 – distributed prior to meeting.


New Cases:


Case# 18-05

Camp Yavneh, INC. 18 Lucas Pond Road Map 124 Lot 15

Applicant seeks a Major Site Plan Review to show proposed additions and new buildings, bringing the site map up to date on all building projects.


Case# 18-06

Brian and Winifred Geary 194 Catamount Road Map 206 Lot 20 Applicant seeks a Minor Subdivision dividing Lot 206/20 (7.38 acres) into two lots. 206/20 will become 2 acres with 345 feet of frontage on Catamount Road and 206/20-1 will become 5.38 acres with 339.13 feet of frontage on Catamount Road.


Case# 18-07

Paula Fauteux (applicant) 258 First NH Turnpike Map 231 Lot 9. Applicant seeks a minimal impact site plan review to convert a retail store into a nail salon.


RSA 674:41

Richard and Johanne Rousseau, 25 Klaubert Drive


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