Zoning Board of Adjustment

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Meeting Location: Meeting Date: Mon, Apr 09 2018 at 06:30pm

Attached Meeting Minutes


  1. 6:30 Call to Order PUBLIC MEETING


CASE 17-17: Granite Street Properties, LLC Map 108 Lot 102. 1520 First NH Turnpike.

This case was continued to April 23 meeting-they have requested a continuance to May 14. We have a meeting scheduled for May 21 due to the regular meeting falling on Memorial Day. They have also requested a formal site walk with the ZBA and conservation commission be held prior to the May meeting.


CASE 18-01: Sotirios Exarchos, 281 First NH Turnpike, Map 231 Lot 83. Applicant proposes to construct an 18 X 9-foot addition to an existing apartment and requests the following:  Applicant has requested that these two variances be heard on April 23 along with the additional variance request that has been processed for this date.

  • A variance to IV.A.(2) Table IV-2 for Residential Density that does not meet the zoning ordinance, lot has one acre, where six acres are required (2 acres per unit).
  • A variance to IV.A. (2) Table IV-1 for length of road frontage that does not meet the zoning ordinance, lot has 115 feet, where 300 feet is required.



  • Consideration of open member position due to Ms. Vultaggio expressing her desire not to be re-appointed: recommendation to the board of selectmen.



The agenda to include any other business that may properly come before the board at this time.