Board of Selectmen

Board of Selectmen

Northwood Board of Selectmen
818 First New Hampshire Turnpike
Northwood, NH. 03261
(603) 942-5586 x 204
(603) 942-9107 FAX

The Board of Selectmen can be contacted by email at This email address is for the Town Administrator. Email will be submitted to the Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

"Every town, at the annual meeting, shall choose, by ballot, one selectman to hold office for 3 years. The selectmen shall manage the prudential affairs of the town and perform the duties by law prescribed." - New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated Chapter 41 Section 8.

The Board of Selectmen acts as the executive branch of the Town Government carrying out the policies and laws set forth by the vote of the Citizens at Town Meeting. Despite their responsibility as municipal executives, Selectmen can only exercise those powers set forth by State law.

In Northwood, the Board of Selectmen is made up of three members, each elected to a three year term. After Town Meeting, the Board selects a presiding officer from their ranks who shall be the Chair. Traditionally, the Chair has been the individual in the last year of their term.

Town of Northwood Deliberative Session First and Second

Posted Mon, Jan 22 at 10:54am

The Town of Northwood will conduct a Deliberative Session on it 2018 Budget and Warrant more